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What We Do

Automotive window films help to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun. Over time, the sun's heat and damaging UV rays contribute to interior fading as well as hardening and cracking of leather and vinyl. The sun also causes glare, which can make it hard to safely see other cars and traffic signals. UV radiation from the sun can even lead to skin problems for passengers.

What you'll notice first is how great your car looks when enhanced with our tint. Yet, look at all these other benefits you'll enjoy when choosing us:

  • Reduces interior fading by blocking out harsh sunlight
  • Blocks out unwanted heated, making the interior of your car much more comfortable
  • Minimizes eye strain by reducing the sun's glare
  • Provides privacy from prying eyes
  • Holds glass shards together in the event of an accident
  • Available in a wide range of shades and styles
  • Installed by professionals films are available to meet the unique needs of every vehicle owner.

We have films that are available to meet the unique needs of every vehicle owner.

About Us


Paint Protection Film Ultra is scientifically formulated to maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle finishes for many years, in all kinds of weather. It’s a combination of innovative film technologies that we stand behind with a 10-year limited warranty.


Paint Protection Film Ultra comes in either optically clear high-gloss or matte finishes, so it disappears into automotive paint and can be used to create specialty effects. With either finish, there are benefits of self-healing film and our proprietary HydroResist technology. 


Our commitment to lasting results doesn’t stop with film. exclusive TruCut™ software makes installation a smooth process, with easy set-up and an extensive library of patterns to ensure film precisely fits a vehicle’s contours.